Esoteric Healing: Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing (CPEH) received April, 2012. Certificate of Attendance for Parts 1-8 of Esoteric Healing taught by Barbara J. Briner D.O. of the Institute for Bioenergy Studies, Okemos, MI. (the philosophy and methods as taught through the International Network of Esoteric Healing). Training began August 2008; Part 4 completed in February 2010. Advanced level Part 8 completed June 2012. Professional Member of the National Association for Esoteric Healing. Currently studying to be a teacher for Esoteric Healing.  Stay tuned!

Reiki: Reiki Master level attunements by Jan Hettich L.P.N., RMT (philosophy and methods as taught through the International Center for Reiki Training – Usui style). Training began September 2008; Reiki Master level achieved February 2010.  Reiki Teacher for Reiki I and II, Advanced Reiki and Reiki Master classes.

Fields of Consciousness: Taught by Deborah Graham of The Cosmic Corner in East Lansing, MI. Training began January 2010; FOC VI completed in January 2013.

Wholistic Manual Medicine: Wholistic Manual Medicine taught by Keith Barbour D.O. of Rehabilitation Specialists in Monroe, MI.  Muscle, Fascia, Viscera, Bone, Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Cranial, and Advanced Cranial.  Manual Medicine Technician status received November 2010.

Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy taught by Robert Ranger, M.A., C.C.H. from the Institute of Transformational Hypnotherapy in Okemos, MI. Certified Hypnotherapist status achieved June 2009. C.Ht.

Angels: Angel Therapy taught by Charles Virtue (eldest son of Dr. Doreen Virtue), Sedona, AZ. Certification as an Angel Therapy Practitioner achieved March 2008.

Certified Spiritual Counselor: Certification achieved June 2011 from the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. The Division of Spiritual Counseling Certification. Initials SC-C.

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