Reference Websites

Visit Inner Journey Books & Gifts for spiritual resources, tools and classes to assist you on your spiritual journey.

To understand more about Esoteric Healing or to become a student of Esoteric Healing: National Association for Esoteric Healing
Institute for Bioenergy Studies
International Network for Esoteric Healing

To understand more about Reiki or to become a student of Reiki: You may contact me if you are interested in me teaching a Reiki class The International Center for Reiki Training Jan Hettich, Reiki Master Teacher

To understand more about Fields of Consciousness or to become a student of Fields of Consciousness: The Cosmic Corner

To understand more about Wholistic Manual Medicine or to become a student of Wholistic Manual Medicine:
Rehabilitation Specialists of Monroe

To understand more about Hypnotherapy or to become a student of Hypnotherapy:
Institute of Transformational Hypnotherapy

To become a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner:
Doreen Virtue
Charles Virtue

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