Reference Websites

Click Here for Video presentation on Angels, Devas, and Unicorns.
Click Here for handouts of the Angels, Devas, and Unicorns presentation.

To understand more about Esoteric Healing or to become a student of Esoteric Healing: National Association for Esoteric Healing

Institute for Bioenergy Studies
International Network for Esoteric Healing

To understand more about Reiki or to become a student of Reiki: You may contact The International Center for Reiki Training . Jan Hettich, Reiki Master Teacher

To understand more about Fields of Consciousness or to become a student of Fields of Consciousness: The Cosmic Corner

To understand more about Wholistic Manual Medicine or to become a student of Wholistic Manual Medicine:
Rehabilitation Specialists of Monroe

To understand more about Hypnotherapy or to become a student of Hypnotherapy:
Institute of Transformational Hypnotherapy

To become a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner:
Doreen Virtue
Charles Virtue

Click Here for the resource list for the Esoteric Healing Reference Charts

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