What is Distance Healing?

4dd62860184d4517ac74d76b94653168 What is Distance Healing?


http://syaden.net/?giniefr=site-de-rencontre-femme-du-niger&10c=a9 Energy follows thought. There is no constriction of time or space. Through intention, a healing facilitator is able to send healing energy to a client at a distance through the practices of Esoteric Healing, Reiki, or Fields of Consciousness.

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enter Distance healing means the client does not need to physically be with the healing facilitator in order to receive the benefits of energy healing. This is a wonderful way to receive energy healing treatments for people who have busy schedules, travel a lot (by plane, car, or truck etc.), live in another state, time zone, country, or are not able to easily get out of the house.

http://www.digibagg.com/fistayl/422 Distance healing works well for treating active children and for those who are sensitive to touch.

source url Call now to arrange a mutual agreed upon time and enjoy your energy healing session from wherever you are!

je cherche une fille francaise All of my energy healing sessions are distance sessions!
http://acps.cat/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/121028-diari-ara-perdre-la-por-a-parlar-del-suč‰Şĺ © Investment: $115 single session, or
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