Part 2 – Integration – Esoteric Healing – Online and In-Class

July 1, 2017 @ 7:00 am – August 6, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
3 Petals Healing - Se-Lyn Boutique
10124 Main St
Bothell, WA 98011
$400 early bird special
Bonnie K. Dysinger

Class: Integration – Esoteric Healing Part 2 – The Philosophy behind the science of healing through the energy field utilizing spiritual healing principles.
Online Class Dates: July 1 – August 2, 2017
Pre-requisite: Esoteric Healing Part 1
Class: Integration – Esoteric Healing Part 2 – Continuing the Practical Application
In-Classroom Dates: Saturday and Sunday, August 5-6, 2017
Pre-requisite: Successful completion of the above Part 2 online class
Time: Saturday 8:30am–6:00pm; Sunday 9:00am-6:00pm
Location: 3 Petals Healing (Se•lyn Boutique), 10124 Main Street, Bothell, WA  98011
Cost: $400.00 – Early Bird special when registered and paid in full by June 28, 2017 (includes both online and in-class instruction). Price increases to $450 after June 28, 2017.

Registration: Contact Bonnie for registration, payment link information, and questions by email at or call 517-281-1706. (These dates don’t work for you? Contact me about setting up a class in your area!)

Online Class focuses on the Philosophy of Esoteric Healing; the science of healing through the energy field utilizing spiritual healing principles. This online class includes a deepening of knowledge of the Constitution of the Human Being and the Science of Meditation, as well as an introduction to the Kundalini, Spiritual Initiations, the Rays, the Breath, and Basic Metaphysical Principles of Esoteric Healing. There is also some additional basic anatomy. This online class consists of lectures, assignments, quizzes, and videos. Approximately 20 short videos (7 hours total) of online class content are created with the specific focus to enrich student comprehension. This online course serves as preparation for the in-classroom experiential course to continue the learning process for the practical application of Esoteric Healing.

The In-Classroom experience is where you deepen your practical application of Esoteric Healing. This class for the practical application continues to authenticate the philosophical study of Esoteric Healing. Students are expected to come prepared with the knowledge learned in the pre-requisite online Part 2 class that deepens the Philosophy of Esoteric Healing. In this class we will review and incorporate the triangles taught in the Part 1 class with the practical application of additional triangles taught in this Part 2 class for a deepening of the student’s Esoteric Healing knowledge and experience. A deepening for balancing the energy of the spine, digestive system – including the colon, entire respiratory system, immune system, voice and ears, as well as some spiritual growth triangles – are just a few of the many new triangles that will be introduced. Students will also be taught how to access the Rays and utilize them in supporting their Esoteric Healing practice. The process of giving and receiving Esoteric Healing is transformative.

After class you will leave able to assess and balance even more areas within the physical/etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies of your client or yourself based on additional written protocols provided; apply the Rays in your healing protocol; be more proficient at assessing an energetic imbalance and how it applies to the metaphysical interpretation of the various bodies; balance the whole being; have deepened your understanding of you and others as spiritual beings and the progression of the soul; recognize changes within yourself; and look forward to attending the Esoteric Healing Part 3 class – which is a big step forward in healing. You won’t want to miss it!

Who should take this class? Anyone who has completed the Introduction to Esoteric Healing – Part 1 class! Proof of attendance may be requested.

Instructor: Bonnie K. Dysinger M.Sc, CPEH, CHHP, C.Ht., RMT is an energy healing facilitator specializing in the techniques and philosophy of Esoteric Healing. She is a Certified Practitioner and Accredited Teacher for Esoteric Healing. As a Professional Member of the National Association for Esoteric Healing Bonnie has published articles in the NAEH Lifestream Journal relating the physical anatomy to the chakras with suggested healing protocols. Bonnie is located in Benicia, CA and also teaches classes on Esoteric Healing at JFK University in California. Read more about Bonnie on her website at

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