Learning About Your Angels

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This class runs approximately 3 hours.

Don’t see a class on the calendar? Consider hosting an angel class in your home if you’re near my area!

Angels are our constant companions and send us loving messages.  Come learn how to communicate with your angels and understand the various ways your angels try to communicate with you.

We will be discussing the following information about angels:

We will experience two meditations.  One to connect with your guardian angel and the second we will ask the angels for assistance in raising your energetic vibration.

Bonnie will also provide a list of recommended books to learn more about angels as well as a list of websites where you can read messages from the angels.

What others have said about this class:
–      I enjoyed the class.  I appreciate what you are doing.  Lots of good examples.
–      I loved it all!  Touched by my angel.
–      Class was amazing – you helped me a lot.
–      I learned a great deal and look forward to asking and paying attention to my angels.
–      This was a very informative and worthwhile class.
–      Liked it.
–      I thought the class was wonderful.
–      Excellent. Loved the handouts to write on. Websites appreciated.
–      Great meditations and informative.
–      Great information.

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