Wholistic Manual Medicine

Wholistic Manual Medicine: Manual Medicine is the use of the hands to evaluate and treat any condition; the art and science of facilitated pressure point release. By facilitating a release in a block (“hard-spot”) to the flow of energy, manual medicine allows the breath to return into the body; this allows our body to heal itself.

Manual Medicine works with the muscle, fascia, viscera, bone, cranium (craniosacral) and cerebral spinal fluid to obtain a release from the block in the flow of energy.  This is done by the ability to stay in-direct (not by force) through pressure point release.

By understanding the interrelationship between body and mind, we know that the tissues of our body hold the energy of our life experiences as “hard-spots.  By releasing the “hard-spots”, you are actually facilitating a release of the stored trauma imprints, thoughts, emotions or incorrect beliefs which allows the body to begin returning to normal function.

Muscle relates to Emotion
Fascia relates to Thoughts
Viscera relates to Feelings
Bone relates to Spirit
Cranium relates to Life Force

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